Novus Life Nutrition LLC, a Gilbert, AZ based Technology Enhanced Nutrition Company, has reached an agreement with for prominent placement of its flagship recovery product HELIX.

The introduction of HELIX into the market represents a milestone in the commercialization of the SU2 Technology pioneered by Dr. William Tiller. This innovative technique brings energy/information from the invisible energy sea all around us into the realm of useful work such as healing and recovery. “When we add this technology to our revolutionary HELIX formula, it is as if we super-charged all the elements with an incredibly strong life force,” said Dr. Robert Foster, CEO of Novus Life Nutrition. “This method is not only unique but is backed up by more than 40 years of actual experiments carried out by Dr. William Tiller and his colleagues. We are honored to be part of the team that brings it to the world,” Foster added.
Brandon Martin, President of Novus Life Nutrition, commented that he has been working closely with for some time to get the details of the product introduction just right. “ gives us at Novus Life Nutrition an incredible opportunity for valuable exposure to a growing market segment with a very discerning customer base, body builders. They only pay for what works. We believe they will be very happy with the results they see with HELIX,” Martin said.
In such extreme situations as those encountered by professional body builders or even weekend warriors, the physical body needs to be replenished adequately. HELIX combines colostrum and probiotics along with catalytic antioxidants and plant based natural energy enhancers to feed the physical body and uses the SU2 Technology to feed the energy body as well. This approach allows athletes to shut down the degradative reactions quickly and use their own enhanced life force to heal themselves and recover faster.
“We truly believe that our products represent a significant step in a completely new direction in sports nutrition,” stated Dr. Foster, “and we are glad that is interested in them.”
“ is excited to be partnered with Novus Life Nutrition. We are excited with the opportunity to offer their innovative and advanced products to our customers!” says Jeremy DeLuca, President of
Novus Life Nutrition, LLC is a subsidiary of Novus Life Solutions, LLC. Novus Life Nutrition is an emerging world leader for the development of cutting-edge food supplements and products for the sports nutrition, health and medical markets. Utilizing Nature’s finest ingredients and focusing Dr. Tiller’s intention-based scientific processes, Novus Life Nutrition is revolutionizing food and supplement technology. This technology, called SU2, is being commercialized and refined for the greater good of all mankind.

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